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CDC is the infrastructural backbone and the Ultimate Custodian of the Pakistan Capital Market. Established as securities depository, CDC is the sole entity handling the electronic (paperless) settlement of transactions carried out at the Pakistan Stock Exchange. Considering their critical business function to remain up-to-date with technological advancement is really important for them and CDC understand this and invest massive budgets for state of the art IT infrastructure procurement and up-gradation as and when required. Recently CDC initiate a project to upgrade their users end point operating systems company-wide located in three cities to modern Microsoft operating system Windows 10 which enables their users to get latest security features, updates and help them to keep their systems & data safer. For this project after all due diligence CDC chosen Innolytix Pakistan Private Limited (IPPL) to award this contract of delivery of all required licenses and migration services. We are thankful to the management of CDC for their trust on IPPL expertise and have awarded this contract to us.