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AKD Securities Limited has a market leading position in brokerage and investment banking activities. Underpinning our strategy and spread across all aspects of our operations, AKD Securities maintain an unwavering focus on meeting the needs of their clients. From unmatched excellence in research and brokerage for domestic and foreign institutional investors to a revolutionary online stock trading platform to insightful investment and advisory services. AKD Securities constantly deliver top-quality services including execution, settlement, and research and risk management to enhance their customers’ trading experience. AKD Securities Limited has consistently held a market leading share of at least 8-10% of the Daily Traded Value at the Pakistan Stock Exchange providing services to over 100 institutions, both domestic and international from diversified nature of businesses. Capturing 40% of the market share in all fresh capital raised since 2008 and that is the area where we will likely remain the dominant market leader going forward. Catering a huge chunk of market, AKD Securities requires to maintain their technology infrastructure up and running yet keeping focus on their core business. For this, AKD Securities has signed Innolytix Pakistan (IPPL) for maintaining their enterprise hardware infrastructure. The Maintenance Services Contract enduring for 3 years includes Full Hardware maintenance Services along with other VAD services for multiple IBM Flex Systems, rack mount Servers, Storage and Tape Libraries. The technical expertise and excellent customer service by IPPL will enable AKD Securities reduce incidents and maximize productivity. On selecting and signing the 3 years contract with Innolytix Pakistan, we are thankful to the management of AKD Securities.